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Echned's Kartenstube

Echned's Kartenstube is a painstaking collection of maps and map information. This map material, collected on many journeys, in many hours and lovingly prepared, is located in the Renaissance Kingdoms in the Canton of Schwyz.

You can of course use the basic map. But if you want to benefit from the work of many hard-working merchants, travelers and cartographers and use a map with a lot of useful information, you have to do the following (this will be the premium package 1 and the features are marked with a *):

Go to Schwyz (a) or find someone who has already been to Schwyz and still has a map (b).

a) In Schwyz contact Echned, Blancheofwaringham or Orgetorix Acquire from them 1 leather and 3 dye pots each blue, red and yellow or 1 dye each blue, red and yellow
You need these goods so that the mapmakers can make your map. The goods cost a bit more than usual in the kingdoms, because the mappers have to be paid, since they have to copy each map individually.
Leather costs 19 thalers, the dye pots 7.00 thalers, the dyes 31.00 thalers each. The map costs 40.00 Taler, the goods you can sell again.
The skilled cartographers and copiers in Schwyz need two days to copy a complete map. With a usual daily rate of 20 Talers in Schwyz, this leads to a cost of about 40 Talers (hereafter called "map part"). In addition, it requires inks and parchment.
So the following is needed for one (or your) map:

Variant 1:
Goods Quantitynormal price transfered pricetotal price map part
Leather 1 15.00 19.00 19.00 4.00
Cup blue color 3 3.00 7.00 21.00 12.00
Cup red color 3 3.00 7.00 21.00 12.00
Cup yellow color 3 3.00 7.00 21.00 12.00
Cost - 57.00 - 82.00 40.00

Variant 2:
Goods Quantitynormal price transfered pricetotal price map part
Leather 1 15.00 19.00 19.00 4.00
blue dye 1 19.00 31.00 31.00 12.00
red dye 1 19.00 31.00 31.00 12.00
yellow dye 1 19.00 31.00 31.00 12.00
Cost - 87.00 - 112.00 40.00

b) You acquire the card from someone who brings it to you from Schwyz. Even if someone brings you a card, you must purchase the goods. You can also sell the card. However, you have to sell all the necessary goods. The map may never cost more than 130.00 Taler. If someone wants to sell you a map for more than that, please let Echned know, then his map license will be revoked. Since you are acting as a "judge" you might get it.... Authorized card dealers include: Robraven, Orgetorix, Wedigo, Johanna

Ein großer Dank gewährt allen fleißigen Helferinnen und Helfern: Johanna, Akarina, Sualtim, Matilda_

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